Grassfed Lamb

On our farm, lambs are born out on pasture in early April, and spend the season grazing alongside their mothers. Icelandic sheep are seasonal breeders with naturally short tails, so we do not castrate ram lambs or dock tails, nor do lambs receive antibiotics or vaccines. We move our flock daily to new ground, and from May to October we give them nothing but mineral salt, Icelandic kelp meal, and water from our spring to round out the diverse grasses and “weeds” they forage on our mountainside. This form of intensive managed grazing makes for healthier sheep and stronger pastures. Though their carcasses are smaller than most commercially raised sheep, Icelandic lamb has a much milder taste that is even enjoyed by those who “just don’t like lamb”.

2018 Prices (Direct)
Loin chops               $18/lb (2 per pkg)
Shoulder chops      $14/lb (2 per pkg)
Shoulder roast        $14/lb
Rack, frenched        $18/lb
Spareribs                 $12/lb
Sirloin chops          $16/lb (2 per pkg)
Boneless leg            $16/lb (center cut, avg 2 lb)
Shanks                     $12/lb (2 per pkg)
Ground lamb          $12/lb (.75 to 1 lb pkg)
Organs                     $7/lb

Our lamb is processed in a USDA inspected facility and vacuum sealed in clear packaging. Please contact us to order: or 423-341-9638. You can also place online orders for our lamb through the High Country Food Hub and pick-up in downtown Boone, NC!