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Mezzaluna Farmstead

Felted Tallow Soap

Felted Tallow Soap

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100% tallow soap (3 oz) made with fat from our own grass and forage fed sheep, and felted with natural colored and plant dyed wool from them. This soap makes a light moisturizing lather, and contains no fragrances or essential oils, just the natural creamy smell of the tallow. To give you an idea of what the soap inside looks like, there is a plain un-felted bar in the photos - each bar weighs approximately 3 oz. Tallow is very similar to our own skin's sebum and is wonderful for sensitive, dry winter skin. The felted wool will help your soap last longer, makes it easier to grip when wet, and works like a built-in scrubby that will slowly felt firmer as the soap is used.

To use, get the wool nice and wet and rub between your hands to make a lather. When done, gently squish any water out and leave somewhere it can dry. Wool is naturally anti-microbial, and tallow soaps tend to last a long time, but it's still a good idea not to leave it sitting in a puddle of water.

When done, you can use the felt like a sponge, cut a small slit in it to keep other soap bits or stuff with catnip for a cat toy, or simply bury in your garden or compost pile.





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