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Mezzaluna Farmstead

Hoof Tracks wool rug - 17" x 26"

Hoof Tracks wool rug - 17" x 26"

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100% wool rug woven on a peg loom from our Icelandic/East Friesian/Tunis cross sheep. This one is particularly soft, using mostly lamb fleeces, and these thick rugs work well as a seat warmer, child playmat, or a bedside rug.

All colored wool was hand-dyed naturally with plants:

Moss Green - goldenrod + copper
Brown - onion skins + iron
Light pink - madder root

This rug measures approximately 17" x 26", not including the fringe.

Warp thread is pure Navajo-Churro wool from the Rainbow Fiber Coop, a Diné-led cooperative that buys and processes wool from Diné shepherds on the Navajo Nation. 20% of the sale of this rug will go back to the Rainbow Fiber Coop to support their future wool buying missions.

Care: You can handwash with warm water and soap and line dry, or fill your washer and allow to soak. Allow the water to cool before spinning or wringing out moisture. Avoid any enzyme-based cleaners or very low pH products. Washing in a machine with agitation will felt and shrink this further, and may distort the shape.

Although colorfast dyes were used, they may fade in direct sunlight, particularly if left by bright windows which can magnify the intensity of the sun.





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