Tanning Resources

Online Tanning Classes

Hide Tanning courses offered by Fern + Roe

Kitchen Table Tannery classes by Matt Richards of Traditional Tanners

Videos: Braintanned Furs and How to Vegetable Tan Furs by Lyrra (Victoria) Greba, with more in-depth materials on Patreon

Books and Articles

Sheepskin Tanning Guidebook: the Fat Tanning Method by Ana Filipa Piedade

Tanning Game: Traditional Nordic Tanning Methods for Leather and Furs by Hanna Nore

Traditional Tanning: Leather and Furskin by Lotta Rahme - this is not a how-to for beginners, but an overview of many different practices for making textiles from hides and a deep dive into some of the chemistry

Deerskins into Buckskins and “Brains Bones and Hot Springs” by Matt Richards - ignore anything that deals with bucking, graining and wringing unless you are trying to remove the hair or wool!

Buckskin: the Ancient Art of Braintanning by Tamara Wilder and Steve Edholm - this has been out of print for years, but Tamara has kindly made many of the chapters available as free PDF downloads on her website (scroll down!).