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Mezzaluna Farmstead

Black Sheepskin Collar #1

Black Sheepskin Collar #1

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This collar is made from a bark tanned sheepskin, using mimosa tannins, soap, olive oil and sunflower lecithin. The laces are cut from a barktanned deer hide, using mimosa tannins and deer tallow.

This hide was from a sheep raised on our farm, and may contain seeds or small pieces of vegetable matter, a remnant of a life well lived on the mountain. Because the tanning and washing process I use does not involve harsh cleaners, it may smell a little like sheep and woods and moss.

To care for this hide, air it out often. You can handwash with warm water and soap and line dry, or fill your washer and allow to soak. Because Icelandic wool is very prone to felting, I do not recommend washing on a regular machine cycle! Allow the water to cool before spinning or wringing to remove moisture. Avoid any enzyme-based cleaners or very low pH products.





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