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Mezzaluna Farmstead

Sheepskin - funky white

Sheepskin - funky white

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This funky hide has lots of variations in the wool length, everything from long bright white locks to short dense scruff especially along the sides. The leather has two small holes, and is very supple. 


Approximate measurements:  21" x 37"


This hide is tanned with mimosa tannins, with additional ingredients used in the process including: salt, citric acid, baking soda, soap, distilled vinegar, duck egg yolks, sunflower seed lecithin, and olive or avocado oil.

Because the tanning and washing process I use does not involve harsh petroleum-derived solvents, and instead mostly handwork, the wool may contain seeds or small pieces of leaves and other vegetable matter, and it may also retain a faint smell of sheep and bark. Enjoy it! To care for this hide, air it out often. You can handwash with warm water and soap and line dry, or fill your washer and allow to soak. More info on my process, cleaning & care.





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